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One Pride. Welcome to the Canton Lions.


Canton Lions Cheerleading

Cheerleading promotes physical fitness as well as confidence, friendship and fun. The Canton Lions cheerleading program is led by the cheer unit director, and there are dedicated coaches for each squad.

In 2015, stunting and tumbling were integrated into the Lions cheer program. This was an important point of progress, as a goal of the cheer program is to also prepare our athletes for participation at the high school level.

Each November, Canton Lions cheerleaders compete with other squads throughout the league in the WSJFL Keith DeMolay Cheer Rally. This event allows our athletes to showcase the cheer and dance skills and routines they worked so hard throughout the season to perfect.

We are able to keep registration fees low with the help from our generous sponsors and fundraising support. The registration fee for 2022 is $275. Canton Lions provide cheer uniforms and running suits, parents are asked to purchase cheer shoes and cheer briefs.

If you have any questions about the cheer program, please email the cheer director.

Cheer Squads

  • Varsity - Ages 12-14*
  • Junior Varsity - Ages 10-12*
  • Freshman - Ages 8-10*
  • Junior Freshman - Ages 7-8*
The cheer program also includes mascots, which is an introduction for younger children ages 5-6* who are interested in pursuing cheerleading in the future.

*Age as of Sept 1, 2022

Practice Information 

Practice Begins

Cheerleading practices begin the end of July for all squads at Heritage Park in Canton (exact date will be announced in the spring). Depending on when the weather changes in October, cheerleaders will transition to indoor practices at Premier Sports Academy - The Indoor at 2625 E Michigan Ave, Ypsilanti. Emails will be sent to all parents to inform them of the location.

Practice/Conditioning Schedule

ALL squads will practice five days  6-8 p.m. at Heritage Park. Beginning the second week of practice, the freshmen, JV and varsity squads will practice five days a week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday) 6-8 p.m., while the junior freshmen squad will only practice Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday. Once the games begin, freshmen, JV and varsity cheerleaders will practice three days a week (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday). Junior freshmen will only practice on Tuesday and Thursday. Practice will be indoors and outdoors all season to allow time on the mats to practice tumbling and stunting.

Practice Locations

The outdoor practice field is located off of Canton Center Road, one mile south of Cherry Hill, behind the Canton Township fire station. The indoor location for 2020 will be at Premier Sports Academy - The Indoor at 2625 E Michigan Ave in Ypsilanti.

Practice Attire

Cheerleaders should wear loose-fitting shorts (no jean shorts or button pants), supportive gym shoes and a plain t-shirt (no spaghetti straps). Jewelry, nail polish and makeup are not allowed to be worn at practice or games. No exceptions!

Practice Schedule for Cheer Rally

Two weeks prior to Rally, all cheerleaders are required to practice every weekday (five days a week). 

Practice Cancellations

Practices are rarely cancelled due to rain. However, if LIGHTNING occurs, practice will be suspended for 30 minutes from the last lightning occurrence. Practice cancellation will be determined by the football and cheer unit directors. Canton Lions staff will remain with the children until every child has been picked up. If thunderstorms/severe weather is in the forecast on practice days, please be prepared to pick up your child early, in the event practice gets cancelled. If practice should be cancelled for any other reason, the unit director and/or the head coaches will communicate the cancellation. A representative of the Canton Lions will be at the field to inform parents of the situation.

Cheer Rally Accomplishments